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4/12/2006 - Paranormal research form physics to psychology.

Post one.

The begining.


Howdy all.

Going to start a series of entries on paranormal investigating. This will be from a non psychic, total  skeptic point of view. First I would like to say I'm not looking to make people happy with these posts. Why? I don't think anyone has the right to tell a family of 4 their house is haunted when it's not. If you want to have fun and chase 'orbs' around a graveyard at night that's your thing, take pictures in the spring and late summer, you'll get more of them.  See ghostly faces in every photo if it makes you happy? Go for it. Do all your investigations at night because "That's when ghosts are more active"? Get a designated driver and stay up till dawn. If this is your idea of 'ghost busting' then you probably wont want to read any further.


Non psychic? You don't need to be psychic. Intelligents goes a long way. 

Skeptic? Some people are so convinced they scream at their own shadows.


Do I believe in ghosts? Yes

Some things I've personally experienced.

Audio and physical manifestations


Poltergeist activity.


Why am I a skeptic?

Some things I've personally experienced.

Mass hysteria.


Laws of physics.

Fear and it's effects on perception.

Preempted belief.


If your still interested my first post will be on reality and the subconsciousness. A simple touch base on psychosis and it's effect on preceived reality. (no i'm not a psychiatrist. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn once. LOL)

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4/2/2006 - Started this years haunt. Still not sure what to call it.

This is how it starts anyway. Where it ends up is anybody's guess.....


Machines. A mix of old tech and new. Filthy, rusty and in poor shape. All of them connected to, running through or a part of corpses. All in the attempt to animate the dead. All of them with lights and noise. Some connected to twitching corpses. Others with moving parts. Heads suspended in the air by over sized rusty electodes where the eyes and ears once were. Torsos with machine parts where limbs once were. Surrounded by tombstones.


I have one 'machine' started. A brain stimulator. In reality its a Poptart box connected to a gram cracker box by two toilet paper rolls. The gram cracker box has a bar of soap box glued to it. This will all be glued to a soda case box that will be stengthened with better cardboard. I've added heat sinks ( cardboard stips) and will have more detailing added after the base coat of paint. OK right now it sounds like I poured some glue in a trash can and this is what I came out with. It looks allot better than it sounds. LOL  I'm using a publisher program to make graphics like V.U. meters, mercury key pads, scope screens, warning labels and the like. Using soda caps form plastic bottles for knobs. Going to use everything form a damaged garden hose to tin cans. Toilet paper rolls to the extra wiring form house hold appliances I pull the moving parts out of. Haven't tried it yet but was thinking of dyeing or paining cotton rope black, red, white, green and yellow and inserting florist wire for electrical cables and hosing. I even have plans for empty deoderant bottles. Trash man's gona love us. Our can's already lighter. LOL

Although I haven't started yet I still plan on learning basic wiring so I can add LEDs to the machines. Also hope to pick up some boom boxes cheap at auctions. With the programs I have I'll be able to mix two machine sounds for each CD. ( 1 for left 1 for right.).

Wanted to come up with something without trashing everything we have now. It'll still be a graveyard walk through haunt. The hard part will be fitting our Clown Graveyard into this. Wasn't able to put it up last year. Really bad weather. Might stick them at one end or the other of the walkthrough. Have to keep them together or they loose their effect. Plus I put too much work into them just to trash the idea.

Once we get a bit ahead finacailly I'm going to get a new digital camera. Be nice  to post pics again.


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2/24/2006 - Vanishing popularity? LMAO

To always seek acceptence from others shows a lack of acceptence of self........insecurity.


Ahhhh the wonderful world of friends lists. Might of been Nov. or Dec. of last year that I checked out how many blog members had me on their friends list. I was really surprised at the number of folks who had me listed. Even though I've never made on and said I wouldn't. Not an exaggeration to say close to 30. Got a PM form a member and in the cores of our talking asked for help on posting pictures in a blog. So to make sure I was telling it right I opened the 'file uploads' link and went through everything step by step. Finished with that and just for kicks I opened the 'manage friends' link. To my horror I looked at the list. I'M DOWN TO ONLY 10 FRIENDS. Oh my GOD I've lost 2/3rds of my popularity!!! What did I do to deserve this injustice? LMAO. That's exactly what I did. Laugh till my sphincter left. A Prime example and the very reason I don't like friends lists. A loaded weapon of immaturity. Popularity contest controlled by conditional friendships. Punishmets and rewards for dwelling within a click. Really folks, what just happened? If you answered "nothing" give yourself a pat on the back my friend. I still ask and answer questions on the forum. I still do my best to joke around hoping somebody enjoys it. I'm still the same person I was when I started this blog. Nothing's happened in my life to change my personality. The thing is, I don't remember who listed me. I glanced at the list and seen the number and thought, "gee, that's really nice" and that was it.


I went back and uploaded some more information on my web site. Wasn't very clear on something and wanted to change it. I'll still have to go back and rearrange some stuff to make it clearer. I'm averaging 90+ hits a day. I don't think I could handle 630 emails a week asking me for help. LOL


Still working on a technique for making an uncorpsed skelly out of paper mache. Stability in the ribs and how they connect to the spine are the main issues. I'm leaning towards the idea of the back being one solid piece. This would work for a prop only viewed from the front 3 sides.

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2/20/2006 - Updated cryptopropology.

Good things come to those who wait. As long as you don't die waiting......


OK, I know, it's been awhile. OK, more like a few years. Finally got around to up-loading instructions on making paper mache torsos and arms and hands. Tried the instructions first on the forum. Only one response to the torso and a few on the arms. No bad news is good news so I used the instructions I typed on the forum for the pages on our site. Earthlink has a site you can go to and see how much activity your free site is getting. We're averaging 90 hits a day. Not bad for the mid of winter. The best part of it is you can see what pages are getting the most hits. Right now it's our snot rag page. Good indoor project. Hope to increase our hits with the new update. I know it's a drag for folks wanting to see our site but I happen to enjoy going over our bandwidth. Was thinking of e-mailing the Monster List again and letting them know about the new how-to's. We have 3 listings on the Monster List now. Most of our hits come from there. Haveta see what happens.

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2/12/2006 - Bit of a rant Or yadada yadada yadada......

It's all in how you preceive things. Doesn't help with your head in a bucket....


Finally got around to starting a thread on our newspaper armature for a full size corpse body. Really don't think anyone's interested in it. Got one response so far and that was a question because of how I displayed something. Not on a technique. I did one a few years back, maybe even last year, and got about the same interest. If I remember right it was a lot closer to Halloween. I guess folks are more interested in what they can do quickly. Buckys and bluckys are the way folks want to go. I guess I was expecting...., guess is the wrong word, I WAS expecting more of a response. Be like saying, I guess this is a rant. LOL. In truth egotistical self importance is a hard habit to break. Either that or I'm just disappointed that I'm not getting questions that would help me write a better how to. Not good at self psycho analisys. I've learned that denial is just as helpful as facing the truth. So it's just as well I deny that I'm  an egotistical jerk. LOL I've got the thread going in stages so I didn't have to type everything down at once. Perhaps somebody will get help form it so I'll finish what I started. Plus I'll have everything already written so I wont have to spend all that time re typing it to our how to site. My own personal silver lining.LOL

I've been to the Halloween Chat site a hand full of times and I'd have to say I'm not impressed. Larry's done a great job in picking out a dependable and user friendly site so it's not the software. The most intelligent conversation I've had was last night. Talked about medieval battle reenactment. The rest of the time it's been nothing more than a live action weekly thread. If you like that sort of thing it's the place to be.


The weekly thread. Now that's another rant for me. I'll start off by saying it's good points. And it has them. It's hard for most folks to find others with the same likes. Especially for us who like Halloween. The weekly is a space on the planet where these folks can gather. Talk and banter about anything that's happening or they like. For that it's a good thing to have. And I admit that in the past I did my share of contributions to a weekly thread. My rant? There's only a hand full of folks on the forum that take the time to ask or answer questions. If it wasn't for the weekly thread most of the folks on the forum right now wouldn't post. Like myself there are others that have been on the forum for a few years and have a few thousand posts under our belts. There are members on the forum right now with WAY more than the 3000+ posts I have. And they've not been on the forum neer as long. All on the weekly. I'm not saying these folks arnt talented or that they don't have anything to offer the forum. Most of them are and do. It's just a shame they don't. The very thing that made this forum what it is is being replaced by useless banter. That's my rant and I'm sticking to it.


Because of all the things going on right now and the condition of my right wrist I haven't done anything for the cheap prop challenge. Good possibility I wont have a camera to take pics of anything anyway. Kinda disappointed about that. So this means I'm a disappointed egotistical self centered jerk. And with a title like that you'd have to expect me to throw a childish rant. Hey, I can add childishness to my already long list of personality accomplishments. LOL

For anyone who reads these things, till next time remember. Life is 80% attitude and 20% circumstances. Life is what happens when you plan on doing something else.

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1/12/2006 - Halloween forum's cheap prop challenge.

Hey, now this is something I haven't done in a wile. My last blog entry is about as old as I am.


OK, I admit it. I'm not much on blogs. Seems kinda strange to type things in here instead of on the forum. At least on the forum I'm communicating directly with folks. Here it's a monologue trapped in time. But anyway.....


Been giving some thought about the cheap prop challenge. Kinda disappointed that more folks don't seem to be taking up the idea. I think it would help inspire more people if they knew you didn't have to spend a fortune to have a good haunt or display. And with so much talent on the forum I'd be looking forward to seeing what other members are making.

I'm going to use this blog space to post techniques on paper mache armatures and techniques that I don't have on our web site yet. This way if anybody is reading this and have questions I can answer them and better my descriptions when I finally update our site.

Prop ideas.

My first thought was to make a 6 to 9 ft 3 headed corpse like dog. It's chest and front legs completely out of the ground. The body would be a paper mache shell attached to a saw horse like structure. The front legs and shoulders would be two of the saw horse like thing's two side legs and center support beam. The two saw horse legs on the back side would support the chest. The center support beam would have three supports made of wood. Each one of these would act like a key hole. Each neck would have a matching slot that would fit down inside these. This would allow me to dis assemble the prop for storage. I would hide the separation between the base of the neck and the shoulders with a cardboard collor.  The exposed rotten flesh would be snot rags. The fur would be dryer lint mache. I was hoping that I could get the 50 or so lbs of lint form one of the laundry mats in town. I'm hoping to find someplace that recycles paint. I've heard in the past that you can get paint form these places REAL cheap. Paint, bread for bread clay teeth and flour and corn starch for glue are the only expenses I'd have for the prop. The cheaper I can get lots of paint the bigger I can make the prop. LOL

That was my first idea. Drawbacks? A 9 ft tall 3 headed dead animal would be as out of place in our haunt as a heart shaped box of chocolates.

Soooo, thinking on....

Second idea could go two ways. If I did something with the graveyard I could make a walk through crypt. If I did something with the dead clown graveyard I could make a wall of clown matter. Either idea would use a lot of free lumber and paper mache. But the size will depend on finding someplace that recycles paint.

If I can get the paint....


8ft high, 8 ft wide and possibly 9 ft deep. On the outside it would be wood. Possibly looking more like a shed. The haunt path would go through this. Wall and ceiling be covered with corpses. I would cheat on lighting and make the slats wide on the outer walls to let more light in. ( it's really not cheating. It's being 'innovative'. LOL )

Clown matter.

Again with the wood. 12 ft long by 5+ ft high walls on each side of the clown graveyard. I was thinking of making shallow wooden cages in them and making dead animals or things to put inside. These walls would be covered with dead clowns and clown heads. All out of paper mache.

I know the dog is out of the question. I still like the idea of having something of that size looming over the TOT's. LOL. I'll keep ya'll informed as to what will be made.

In my next entry I'll start discussing how to use news paper and duct tape to make armatures for corpse bodies.......till then


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10/6/2005 - Strong arm the dead clown almost died

Isn't always funny how when you think you have a handle on things reality taps you on the shoulder......

Been working my back side off to get our dead clown graveyard ready for Halloween. Got 'Strong Arm' the clown snot ragged this morning. When to the craft room  to look for a ball for his nose. Walked back into the room and there he was. Strong Arm's strong arm was on the floor. Half his torso collapsed because of the added moisture. The good news is nothing separated or ripped. Laid him on his back and was able to position everything back in place. Looks to be ok. Got a fan on him now to help dry.

Made everyone's teeth and got them glued in this morning. Bread clay is easy to make. Easy to work with and lasts for years. I have one piece of work I did 11 years ago and it looks just as good now as it did in 94.

Got one clown that I've finally decided how he's going to look. 'Acid The Clown' is going to be an armless torso covered with great stuff to look like he melted. His head is a jawless skull with big bulging eyes. Had one of those multi colored clown wig for a few years. Gona get glued to Acid's head. Our clown line up..

Strong Arm







All are half torso ground breaker corpses. Already have a group of tombstones cut out and put together for this graveyard seen but haven't got them painted yet. Going to be a busy weekend. Found out today that the guy that runs the same machine on day shift is taking off the last full week of this month. This cuts prop building time down by at least 10 hours. I don't know why I wait till the last minuet to make props. Ya I do. I like the 'rush'. It's not a feeling of panic. It's more like a challenge.


Planning on selling the corn stalks this week end. Already let Deb know that wile SHE's dealing with the public ( her idea, it's only fair she gets to do the 'fun' part.) I'm going to be at the in-laws finishing up the rest of the bundles of stalks. Going price is 12 stalks for $3. Selling the corn ears as well but still haven't decided on a price for them yet.


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9/29/2005 - If I had time in a bottle...

I would save it till October and drink. Maybe then I'd have enough time to finish all these props.


The only thing I can think of is it's a habit. For me it's a 40+ year habit. Always waiting till the last minuet to do anything. They say it takes three months to make a habit. So I've had this habit sense I was three months old. That means I've had this habit longer than I've known how to flush a toilet.


Trying to get 7 full torso ground breaker corpses done is bad enough but I still have an entire new graveyard to make. Our Wild West Graveyard is going to be all wooden grave markers. That means cutting, putting together and painting hopefully 25 new 'stones'. Going to have our Bucky holding a cheap acoustic guitar and maybe warring a cowboy hat and hanky. And I still have the 7 Circus tombstones and all the ground breaker coffins to paint. IT WILL GET DONE! well...at least I hope it does anyway. LOL


I think I'm finally making a prop that's going to freak me out. Dead clowns. I hope they look as cool corpsed and finished as they do now.


Back to the basement sweat shop or nothing will get done.

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9/23/2005 - Factory joys, part 3....

It's not the things we enjoy to do that make use who we are. It's the things we do because we have to that make us real men.......


Fireworks, screaming and all the threats! Boys and girls it's been and interesting week. And for a change I'm not in the middle of it. I get to be a bystander and watch this time. LOL All over safety issues and bad attitudes ( like a said, this time not mine.lol) Had one guy wrote up because he was showing someone the proper way to use a tool. He wasn't touching the glass nor was he touching the glass with the tool. Now this guy might loose his job because a boss had a chip on his shoulder. Then this same boss goes over and handles glass with no safety gear on at all. So who writes him up? I walked by a group of three bosses. Two of them were screaming at each other. Arms flying in every direction. The third boss was leaning up against something and I could tell he was doing his best not to laugh. I wanted to laugh too but walked away.The part that I did play in all of this? I've been told for years now that I'm going to learn this machine. On every review I've had for the last 4 years I've been told that it's important that I learn this machine. Well guess what! I'm learning that machine, well sort of..... I got to spend 2 hours one day this week going though the programs on the machine. But that was it. When I asked my boss when I'm going to actually learn the machine he told me,

"Well as long as you get at least 2 hours a week on it that will be fine."

??????? Guess he's not that interested in me learning that machine. LOL.I find out later that he's the type of person that doesn't like anyone to know more than he does. Good thing he's not teaching me.


Now on to more important things! The Circus Clown Graveyard is coming along. Lots of paper mache. This stuff can take a long time to work with but you can't beat it for versatility. Hopping to have all 7 of them ready to be finished by next week end. Also need to get the 300 corn stalks sometime this week end.

Looks like our walk through will be a collection of graveyards this year. Going to have the normal graveyard, the clown yard, a wild west yard and a graveyard covered with spider webbing. Going to light the spider web yard by putting C9 Christmas lights behind the stones so they light the webbing form underneath. The clown yard will be lit with orange Christmas lights form overhead. If I have enough they'll all be flashers. The normal yard will be lit by  green and blue floods and the wild west yard will be lit by red C9's from behind the stones. The corn stalks will be for the opening part of the walk through. It's goingot be a pumpkin patch will all our fake light up pumpkins, our 'forever pumpkins and any Jack-O-lanterns we carve. Also hoping to make a bottomless pit. And I still have to build Deb's coffin she's going to sit in to scare the TOT's. Got lots of work to do.

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9/19/2005 - The wonders of a web site.

OK I'm humbled, I feel like I owe a million people a thank you card but I don't know where to send them....


Ya'll know I have 2 free web sites form Earthlink. I found out today that they have a way to check all the traffic to these sites. Graphs, numbers and the works. You can even see what pages are getting the most hits. So I checked out out Cryptopropology site and was humbled. I looked at the numbers with total disbelief. To date from Jan.1st this year, 26.532 hits. An average of 2,948 hits a month and just over 200 hits a day. All this on a free and small web site. Folks, I wasn't expecting anything more than maybe 200 a month at best. All I can say is WOW. If my site in this small corner of the web is getting that many hits then there's got to be a lot of folks out there doing the Halloween thing. That many hits is just our small site. There's got to be hundreds of Halloween how-to sites on the net. OK I'm going to glote anyway. LOL

Our top 5 pages,

1....Skulls. how to make these isn't my idea and I list a link to the site that inspired me.

2....Forever Pumpkins. This is our idea and a total surprise most folks are going to this page.

3....Tombstones. There's got to be a 100 way to make these. This one is our idea.

4....Head and shoulder corpse. Our idea and a surprise it isn't the most hit page.

5....Snot rag mache. Again not our idea. This technique has been around for a wile.


all right, my head's is done swelling. LOL


Made some progress on props today. Got 7 upper torso armatures ready to be paper mache'd. Getting that much closer to having our Circus Clown Graveyard completed. Hopefully going to be able to afford to get a gal of outdoor latex white and a gal of Kilz primer white this Friday so I can get started on painting  more tombstones, 7 ground breaker coffins and all these new ground breaker corpses. Hopefully we'll still have time to make our Wild West Graveyard tombstones as well. Going to have to get our corn stalks this week as well. Getting around 300 of them for our pumpkin patch this year.

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