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11/12/2006 - Post Halloween. Done, didn't get done and life in space.........

Life is what happens when you plan on doing something ells.

Had a blast this Halloween. A good turnout and lots of compliments. Did something new this year. Added light and lots of it. Folks saw things I've had for years for the first time. I honestly think I could have had nothing new to show and folks wouldn't of known it. Some of the new stuff I had was made last year. The corpsed clowns, circus themed tombstones and all the ground breaker coffins. Rained last year so I wasn't able to set up the out door walk through. This year I added a section of graveyard fence, 9 black crosses, 60+ feet of rusty chain and two five light 5 1/2 ft. tall candelabras. I also put a makeshift dress on one of the stand up corpses and made me a woman. LOL  Thanks to a friend of mine with a nice digital camera I was able to put pics on the web site. I have film getting developed but it would be a wile before I could get them posted.

Best laid plans of mice and men. The things I didn't get done. I have lab equipment in my basement. Unfinished and getting dusty. The plan was to have a clown reanimation lab in the middle of the graveyard. Then make my first animated props, reanimated clowns, for the clown graveyard. I also wanted to have an evil toy display. I got as far as cutting the head off of one stuffed dog. Planned on this display leading into the dead clown graveyard.

Life in space..... It's surprising how having the bottom drop out of your personal life effects everything you do. I can't tell if I'm free falling or floating. But I'm damn sure I haven't hit the ground yet. First off my brother gets sick and disowns my mom and me. Haven't seen or heard anything form the guy. I do know he's hitting the bottle again. Hard. None of his friends are talking. I've stood outside his home knocking on the door knowing his there. Stopped doing that. Then my wife decides she wants a divorce. Been helping her pack things up for a few months now. Ya, I know that sounds weird. We've already decided  who gets what. Will get one lawyer for the both of us. Nothings getting contested. My father-in-law, who's been more of a dad to me than the drunk I grew up with, had back surgery. He's doing fine now. Still wearing a harness. He'll be in that for three more months. Then, three weeks before Halloween my mom has a stroke. The good news is she's fully recovered. I spent the good part of 4 weeks living at her condo. About a 45 minuet drive from here. Still got the Halloween display up. My mom was totally supportive of it. The one bright spot through all of this? I was contacted by someone who's putting together a book on home haunts. Told me it would be a few years in the making and wanted to know if I'd be interested in participating. Hay, at first I thought this was a joke. Even told him so.  I've seen pictures of displays done by folks on the Halloween forum that blow mine away. Turns out it's not a joke. I'm not going to get excited about it. I'm being concidered. It's not a done deal. I'll know some time next year if my haunt gets pictured. Told the guy about the Halloween forum and even turned him on to a few haunts.

Haven't been to the blog site for a wile now. Noticed that I have 2121 comments left by folks. So I went to check it out. Didn't find them. What I did find is a few spam. So just how gullible do these folks think everyone is? Trash is trash. Fortunatelly there's more good folks on line then trash.

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6/1/2006 - Got some new things to play with.

Got me two things I can use to make animated stuff  for this year's Halloween. The first one I've had for a few months. It's an old animated Santa ( 40's 50's ) that's in real bad shape. I saw one on Ebay just like it. Looked way better than the one I have. Mine has had all it's hair and beard replaced with stringy yarn and has major damage to the face. But the animation works. He's getting a makeonver. Last week I got one of those talking Douglas Firs. Going to do some research on the web and in the forum to see how to hack one of these.


Been way to busy with things to even think about making props. Hopefully by the end of the month things will settle down enough for me to get back in the thick of it.

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4/29/2006 - Factory Joys Part 4

How many times can you get away with this? I know I'd aready be fired if I tried it.

I know I've ranted about our maintenaces before so yall should be used to it. LOL. We have a new 2nd in command at the factory. He didn't like the really trashy way the chemical area was kept so that's where he started his changes. His first day on the job he walked back to this area and saw a maintenance man smoking in arms reach of a NO SMOKING sign. Then he noticed that not a single barrel or container there was grounded. He told our maintenance department they had to clean the entire area. Floor to ceiling and took before and after pics. He showed these pictures to everyone. There in living color was a shot of the ceiling overhead. There in the center of the shot was a florescent light fixture, half cleaned. That's right folks. Only half of the fixture was over the area. And they didn't put the bulbs back in.

Three weeks ago we had a machine go down. A three inch by one half inch metal support got sheared in half. This part had to be hand made in Italy where the machine came from. Maintenance waited till they got this part to open the machine...to find out they needed more parts. This is the same machine they ordered an empty gear box to replace the gear box that went bad. The empty one was less expensive than the one with gears in it.

On 4/14/06 ( a few Fridays ago ) my machine when down. Bearings went out one a spindle. Maintenance waited till the spindle froze up before replacing it. It's the,

"Run it till it breaks"

routine. Come to find out the motor is going bad. The machine has run now for 2 weeks with a howling motor. By the time it dies the new spindle will be dead too.

Cutting was down for a shift and a half because two maintenance crews thought a motor burned up. All it was? a loose wire.

In our meeting with the new number two he asked for suggestions. I made the comment that machine operators should decide if a machine is working right and not maintenance. His exact words?

" That was a major problem in the factory I just came from. I know it's a real problem here."

Maybe some good change is in the wind.


Didn't do any prop work or studying on electrical works this week. Did toss around the idea of doing a food pantry charity haunt. Thought about it last year but didn't persue it.

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4/27/2006 - I'm running out of room! Gata learn how to take this stuff apart!

Auctions are like yard sales with an MC....


I like auctions. They can be a lot of fun. I've learned some things about the process. Don't get caught up in a bidding fight. You get out bid you loose. You pay to much you still loose. And let me tell ya, it's easy to get caught up in a bidding war. And it goes FAST. You want it. The other person want's it. And the higher the price the more the auctioneer makes. Some things to learn to do,

One. Set limits and amounts on what you bid on and stick to them.

Two. Read the other bidders. How intent is or are they? The more bidders on a single item the faster the price goes up.

Three. On choice of 'lots' or 'per box' items. Check out what other people are looking at. Most folks will look at what their bidding on. If you don't think the boxes or lots you want are the same ones being bid on wait. Let them bid and pay for what they want. I've seen choice for boxes and lots go as high as $8.00. Folks would take what they want for that price wile the stuff I want is left. Then the next round of bidding goes. I've waited and got 'lots' ( an entire row or area of boxes or items) for $1.00. If what I wanted ends up selling before I bid I loose out. But that doesn't happen that often.

Four. Don't draw attention to what you plan on bidding on. You have no friends at an auction. Everyone is there to buy stuff. If your interested and talking about it, it has to be good.

Five. Don't buy things you don't need. We have 6 crock pots! My wife can't pass up a crock pot. We've never used the 3 pots we got from our wedding.( this makes 9 crock pots all together. LOL ) Deb likes percolator coffee pots too. She doesn't drink coffee. I don't drink coffee. We even have a 2 gal. percolator pot we don't use. LOL

And the most important?

Reputable auctioneers are worth their weight in gold. If they say it works it does.or they'll buy it back. That's the type of auctioneer I've been going to. He'll tell you what he's been told about the item. And make it right if he was fed a line.

This week I bought more items I intend on cannibalizing for Halloween. The biggie is an old computer for it's power supply and fan. Will have to post and ask how to take them out and what to use the power supply on. Bought more speakers too. I know, I have more speakers than what I know to do with now.  Haunt should have plenty of noises this year. LOL

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4/24/2006 - Got nothing done this weekend.

A body in motion stays in motion. I stayed put......


What can I say, I did nothing over the weekend. I didn't even go to an auction. Didn't go out to eat with the wife. Didn't even do lawndry. Ok that wasn't so bad but still. LOL I did however take apart what I didn't like about the one machine and put it all together to make something new. Don't know what it'll do. Maybe one of those extra things that just sit around and add to the haunt anyway.

Really hoping to get a working camera so I can take pics of the machines before I paint them up. I want everyone to see the cracker and cereal boxes these things are made out of.  I think it would be more inspirational for someone to see what they looked like before and after.

According to our computer guy I should still have the original program for the cheesy camera I have in my computer. Ya, I know, I've been yak'en about not having my box and having to use my wife's for months now. All I need is a few more $$ and I'll be able to pick it up. Looking forward to the improvements Dave's done. Looking forward to having a computer that doesn't take 20 minuets to download vids. Be nice to be able to see everyone's props in action again.


Been thinking about the dead clowns for the finally of our haunt. I want to make a FCG clown and was thinking of a way to mount the neck massager thing inside a body so the arms would fling in circles at the elbows. Have this clown hanging so the motion of the arms cause the body to turn back and forth. Would like to have a couple with motors mounted on the inside disturbing springs connecting the head and arms on to make them twitch. And at least one ground breaker that is rocking forward and back. I have one of those turning Christmas tree stands. Was thinking of a one legged balerrina clown. The stand turns real slow so the corpse clown would have to have a face on each side. A lot of animation in a little bit of space. Just got to get motivated.

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4/22/2006 - You know your getting caried away when....

You took how long to make it look like that?


You ever here the phrase, "stick to the plan"? Well I have too. But it doesn't mean I do it. LOL Spent hours making one side of a machine and will spend another 10 minuets taking it apart. Not that any of it will go to waste. I'll just put it on a different machine.


The machine I'm working on now will consist of a central control and mechanical unit with a round cylinder on top.  Hoses will come out of this cylinder and go to 5 small containment units (2 L. soda bottles ) containing parts of  brains. To help hide the soda bottles and get the stuff in them I'm going to cut the top part off. Reconnect this with caulking and put a 'metal' band around it. The bottoms will be covered up with a cylinder of sorts. I want to make the bits of brains out of latex gloves and great stuff. They will all have one or two eyeballs (white ping pong balls). The idea is to make these as thin and floppy as possible. Have a hand full of fish take bubblers that I want to use. The idea is to have these bits of brains undulating in the water. The hose connecting the containment unit to the machine will have 4 small Christmas lights. One yellow that will be on all the time. 3 whites will be on a line with a flasher bulb. This way the containment units will all have a steady light and all flash at the same time. There will also be light in an open panel door on the machine. Probably just a single flasher. This display will sit on a table. All the containment units will be dirty and covered in yellow slime. I would like to make  one broken unit with slime and bits of brain spilling out.  


Another prop I'd like to make is a large jar of 'following eyes' and have it on a turn table of sorts.


Been thinking about the soundscape for this years haunt. Was thinking of some thrash or heavy metal but now I'm leaning toward polka and yodeling. Why? Polka and yodeling are perfect choices for dancing and twitching corpsed clowns. It's just morbid enough to be sick and funny at the same time. LOL

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4/20/2006 - The joys of dumpster diving.

Gota get your head under or it aint swimmin.....


I love dumpster diving at work. They love me to do it. The more I take home the less they have to pay to get hauled off. And everyone at work knows why I take the dive. Halloween! We just got a compactor for all the cardboard. Now all I have to do is go to one spot and get all the neatly stacked boxes I want. No more of,

"well I can't use this because it's got that all over it."

They are SO accommodating! And I bet they didn't even know it. LOL

Brought home a 55 Gal. cardboard drum that has a semi reflective silver coating on the inside. Going to make a corpse washing machine or "body spinner". We have a piece of plexi glass I took out of our garage door. This is going to be a window on the front side of the 'tank'. The inside will be well lit so the TOT's can see the corpse going round and round. LOL

I also picked up a 10X12 cardboard tube that might end up being the top part of the machine I'm working on now.

Having a blast making these machines. To be honest spending days at a time making dead things, coffins and tombstones kinda got depressing. Really started to loose interest in prop building. The machines are more up beat. Even though they're going to be ripping in to, shreadding and generally violating corpses, they're a more positive thing. LOL


Made some wiring yesterday. Used newspaper and florist wire. Folded and rolled the newspaper as tight as I could around the wire then twisted it. If needed I might cover them with snot rags to smooth them out. Also using snot ragging to add 'gunk' to the machines. Thought about Great Stuff or even latex caulking but cheap is the rull here.

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4/18/2006 - More fun with Machines.

You don't have to know what it does as long as it looks cool.


Received a box form Daveo1101. One really cool odd and old electronic machine that will have a prominent place in our haunt this year. You just can't make them as creepy looking as the real thing.


The machine I'm working on now so for consists of,

 A Singer sewing machine box.

1/2 of a tissue box,

A large Quaker Oats box.

Two empty toilet paper rolls.

Two small boxes I'm making out of a cereal box.

And a Town House cracker box. ( yes it does resemble a pile of trash. LOL )

It'll have more boxes, wires, hoses, dirt grime and slime added to it as it get done. It's also going to have 4 plastic 2L soda bottles. ( now it really sounds like a pile of trash LOL )


Some things I want to experiment with.

Need lots of wire but don't have lots of money. Going to try using yarn, Latex paint and florist wire. Coat the yarn with the paint. I had thought about soaking it but the paint my stay sticky. Run the thin florist wire up through the yarn to give it some shape-a-bility.

Need hoses. Lots of hoses.

I have ONE hose. It's from our dead viaticum cleaner. Thinking about connecting strips of wood with wing nuts to go inside the hose to hold it in place. Wrapping the hose with foil or plastic and paper mache'ing myself some pre shaped hoses.


If I get everything I'd like to have done it will be a challenge to get it all displayed in our small yard. So far the walkthrough will take you through a pumpkin patch, graveyard, laboratory surrounded by and in graveyard, more graveyard then the fanally. Animated dead clowns.

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4/17/2006 - Well, I',m going to try not to blow anything up.

Well I bought me a book and I'm starten a learnen.


Went to an auction Friday night. Picked up 3 books on electricity. One is thick and thorough. Even has a chapter on trig. Something about AC power is calculated at right angles to keep it in phase. Being an x-guitar player and band member I know all about things being out of phase. Nothing is more 'fun' than putting your lips on a microphone that is electrically out of phase from your guitar. You get a buzz, blue light and your lips turn as numb as at the dentists. And it hurts too. Figured I'd start with the trig sense I didn't have it in school. When I was in school it was never offered. The book also has an entire chapter on safety. Not bad for $2. I like auctions. There like yard sales with an MC. LOL

In reality I may end up only studying what I need to learn to re wire and hack things. Not looking to be an electrical engeneer. No, I'm not stupid. If I don't know I don't do. I happen to like keeping this body in one piece.

Having a blast thinking and making machines for the haunt. Trying to come up with things that look modern and some that look old. All the machines  will be dirty, greasy and smudge covered, leaking, broken, patched and in general disrepair. I was thinking of using duct tape but that would end up looking like the prop got damaged and I taped it back together to use it. People are too used to seeing duct tape. That stuff holds cars together around here. LOL

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4/13/2006 - The moon is always there. Part 1

If your reading my entries under "The Science of Paranormal" for the first time please click on the link above. Go to the earliest post and read form there. thanks.


Basic understanding of how the mind works is very important to a paranormal researcher. It is THE most important tool in determining if your dealing with a real haunting or not.


Point number one.

The subconscious does not distinguish between reality and fantasy.


Your body reacts to your thoughts. Fantasizing, good or bad, will have direct physical reactions. You could be involved in a completely different situation with no other mental stimulus than your thoughts and your body will react to both reality and fantasy. Anger, sex, food, happiness, fear will all cause real physical reactions. The more your entertain these thoughts the more real they become to your subconscious. Then the more physical reaction you experience. The more real they become to your consciousness = your view of reality. ( maybe not that simple but it works )


Worrying would be the easiest to work with here because we've all done it. Say an incident happens and you react inappropriately to it. Your action could cause unforeseen problematic future events. These events if they accrue would not take place had your actions been different. Later on you think of the event and your reaction. Then you add on to it and think of possible future events. As you fantasize your body goes through physical and chemical changes. Just as if your fantacy was reality. Weather or not your reaction has future repercussions you still believe it will. Your subconscious believes your thoughts are real. Your body reacts to your subconscious. You become engrossed in your preception of the future.Your reality becomes based on your fantacy.


It is very important for a paranormal investigator to understand this.

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