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10/6/2005 - Strong arm the dead clown almost died

Isn't always funny how when you think you have a handle on things reality taps you on the shoulder......

Been working my back side off to get our dead clown graveyard ready for Halloween. Got 'Strong Arm' the clown snot ragged this morning. When to the craft room  to look for a ball for his nose. Walked back into the room and there he was. Strong Arm's strong arm was on the floor. Half his torso collapsed because of the added moisture. The good news is nothing separated or ripped. Laid him on his back and was able to position everything back in place. Looks to be ok. Got a fan on him now to help dry.

Made everyone's teeth and got them glued in this morning. Bread clay is easy to make. Easy to work with and lasts for years. I have one piece of work I did 11 years ago and it looks just as good now as it did in 94.

Got one clown that I've finally decided how he's going to look. 'Acid The Clown' is going to be an armless torso covered with great stuff to look like he melted. His head is a jawless skull with big bulging eyes. Had one of those multi colored clown wig for a few years. Gona get glued to Acid's head. Our clown line up..

Strong Arm







All are half torso ground breaker corpses. Already have a group of tombstones cut out and put together for this graveyard seen but haven't got them painted yet. Going to be a busy weekend. Found out today that the guy that runs the same machine on day shift is taking off the last full week of this month. This cuts prop building time down by at least 10 hours. I don't know why I wait till the last minuet to make props. Ya I do. I like the 'rush'. It's not a feeling of panic. It's more like a challenge.


Planning on selling the corn stalks this week end. Already let Deb know that wile SHE's dealing with the public ( her idea, it's only fair she gets to do the 'fun' part.) I'm going to be at the in-laws finishing up the rest of the bundles of stalks. Going price is 12 stalks for $3. Selling the corn ears as well but still haven't decided on a price for them yet.


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