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9/29/2005 - If I had time in a bottle...

I would save it till October and drink. Maybe then I'd have enough time to finish all these props.


The only thing I can think of is it's a habit. For me it's a 40+ year habit. Always waiting till the last minuet to do anything. They say it takes three months to make a habit. So I've had this habit sense I was three months old. That means I've had this habit longer than I've known how to flush a toilet.


Trying to get 7 full torso ground breaker corpses done is bad enough but I still have an entire new graveyard to make. Our Wild West Graveyard is going to be all wooden grave markers. That means cutting, putting together and painting hopefully 25 new 'stones'. Going to have our Bucky holding a cheap acoustic guitar and maybe warring a cowboy hat and hanky. And I still have the 7 Circus tombstones and all the ground breaker coffins to paint. IT WILL GET DONE! well...at least I hope it does anyway. LOL


I think I'm finally making a prop that's going to freak me out. Dead clowns. I hope they look as cool corpsed and finished as they do now.


Back to the basement sweat shop or nothing will get done.

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