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9/23/2005 - Factory joys, part 3....

It's not the things we enjoy to do that make use who we are. It's the things we do because we have to that make us real men.......


Fireworks, screaming and all the threats! Boys and girls it's been and interesting week. And for a change I'm not in the middle of it. I get to be a bystander and watch this time. LOL All over safety issues and bad attitudes ( like a said, this time not mine.lol) Had one guy wrote up because he was showing someone the proper way to use a tool. He wasn't touching the glass nor was he touching the glass with the tool. Now this guy might loose his job because a boss had a chip on his shoulder. Then this same boss goes over and handles glass with no safety gear on at all. So who writes him up? I walked by a group of three bosses. Two of them were screaming at each other. Arms flying in every direction. The third boss was leaning up against something and I could tell he was doing his best not to laugh. I wanted to laugh too but walked away.The part that I did play in all of this? I've been told for years now that I'm going to learn this machine. On every review I've had for the last 4 years I've been told that it's important that I learn this machine. Well guess what! I'm learning that machine, well sort of..... I got to spend 2 hours one day this week going though the programs on the machine. But that was it. When I asked my boss when I'm going to actually learn the machine he told me,

"Well as long as you get at least 2 hours a week on it that will be fine."

??????? Guess he's not that interested in me learning that machine. LOL.I find out later that he's the type of person that doesn't like anyone to know more than he does. Good thing he's not teaching me.


Now on to more important things! The Circus Clown Graveyard is coming along. Lots of paper mache. This stuff can take a long time to work with but you can't beat it for versatility. Hopping to have all 7 of them ready to be finished by next week end. Also need to get the 300 corn stalks sometime this week end.

Looks like our walk through will be a collection of graveyards this year. Going to have the normal graveyard, the clown yard, a wild west yard and a graveyard covered with spider webbing. Going to light the spider web yard by putting C9 Christmas lights behind the stones so they light the webbing form underneath. The clown yard will be lit with orange Christmas lights form overhead. If I have enough they'll all be flashers. The normal yard will be lit by  green and blue floods and the wild west yard will be lit by red C9's from behind the stones. The corn stalks will be for the opening part of the walk through. It's goingot be a pumpkin patch will all our fake light up pumpkins, our 'forever pumpkins and any Jack-O-lanterns we carve. Also hoping to make a bottomless pit. And I still have to build Deb's coffin she's going to sit in to scare the TOT's. Got lots of work to do.

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