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9/19/2005 - The wonders of a web site.

OK I'm humbled, I feel like I owe a million people a thank you card but I don't know where to send them....


Ya'll know I have 2 free web sites form Earthlink. I found out today that they have a way to check all the traffic to these sites. Graphs, numbers and the works. You can even see what pages are getting the most hits. So I checked out out Cryptopropology site and was humbled. I looked at the numbers with total disbelief. To date from Jan.1st this year, 26.532 hits. An average of 2,948 hits a month and just over 200 hits a day. All this on a free and small web site. Folks, I wasn't expecting anything more than maybe 200 a month at best. All I can say is WOW. If my site in this small corner of the web is getting that many hits then there's got to be a lot of folks out there doing the Halloween thing. That many hits is just our small site. There's got to be hundreds of Halloween how-to sites on the net. OK I'm going to glote anyway. LOL

Our top 5 pages,

1....Skulls. how to make these isn't my idea and I list a link to the site that inspired me.

2....Forever Pumpkins. This is our idea and a total surprise most folks are going to this page.

3....Tombstones. There's got to be a 100 way to make these. This one is our idea.

4....Head and shoulder corpse. Our idea and a surprise it isn't the most hit page.

5....Snot rag mache. Again not our idea. This technique has been around for a wile.


all right, my head's is done swelling. LOL


Made some progress on props today. Got 7 upper torso armatures ready to be paper mache'd. Getting that much closer to having our Circus Clown Graveyard completed. Hopefully going to be able to afford to get a gal of outdoor latex white and a gal of Kilz primer white this Friday so I can get started on painting  more tombstones, 7 ground breaker coffins and all these new ground breaker corpses. Hopefully we'll still have time to make our Wild West Graveyard tombstones as well. Going to have to get our corn stalks this week as well. Getting around 300 of them for our pumpkin patch this year.

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