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5/2/2007 - Happy, pleased and new hobbies.....

Ever hear about having to many pans in a fire? I have so many I put the fire out.......

First Happy, Yes I'm still happy to be almost single! I've said for years that I loved the idea of being married. Wasn't lieing. I did. She left me. Guess that's saposed to make me the looser. But in this case, no. I wish only the best for her and hope she finds someone who will be just as good for her and my inlaws as they were for me. And I hope she does a LOT of growing up between now and then.

And Pleased. In my last entry I talked about a different forums cheap prop challenge. I'm VERY happy that someone who's versed in the art of paper mache won. Good to see talent come out on top. A lot of good talent on that forum.

And now new hobbies. Started playing the drums. OK, maybe it's a second childhood thing at 44. LOL Bought an old 7 piece Slingerland set off of E-Bay. NICE!!!! Came with 3 cymbal stands and one double tom stand and the thrown. 10,12, 13 and 14 toms. 14X6.5 chrome snare with stand and a 22X16 Bass drum with foot peddle. No hi-hats or cymbals. Drilled a hole through a 20 inch ****l serving tray for a ride cymbal. Still looking for something to use for hi-hats. Right now I have half a small plastic bottle on the hi-hat stand to keep the parts from hitting each other when  I step on the peddle. Learning to play jazz. Got two books to play out of. "Progressive Independence' and one on the styles of Art Blakey. I'm learning to keep a triplet beat with my right hand, eight and 16ths with my left and trying to keep my feet from ending up in the next room. LOL Big difference between jazz and rock.


Still haven't done anything new for Halloween this year. Am planing on posting a few tutorials in Larry's new forum section. One on stand up paper mache corpses and one on making lab machines out of junk. My be a wile on both of them.

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