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3/27/2007 - A slow start or not started yet depending how full your glass is.....

I find it easier to set new goals than it is to admit I don't keep the old ones......

Still unsure about this Halloween. My wife and I have split and really don't have anyone I can count on to help. Do have a few friends but most of them work nights. Best to plan like it's happening than it is to happen with nothing done. The good side to this hole thing? Our split has been just as good for me as our marriage was. Wont get into all of that but lets just say I'm HAPPY. Other than getting loads of new dumpster items form work I haven't done or created anything. The Wednesday auctions will start back up the first week of next month. I'll be root'en through the junk piles for more good things for Halloween. Got so much stuff now I could redo the entire haunt. OK, if I got of my lazy a..... LOL

Was going to make something for another Halloween forum's $20 cheap prop challenge but didn't and here's why. First off I'd like to say the guy's doing a great job running his forum. And I have complete respect for what he's doing. That's why I'm not bringing this up no will I ever bring it up on his forum or to him privately. But here? Hey this IS my blog right. LOL. All right, here's my beef.. How come folks can use masks and costumes they got after Halloween and I can't use all the free scrap lumber I can get my hands on? Before ya'll go "waaaa! your just cry'en cuz ya didn't get your way"  hear me out. If a costume or mask is what makes the prop than the creator 'bought' the prop. Didn't make it, just positioned it. On the other hand all the scrap wood in the world is just scrap till someone makes it into something. I think the only way to make this completely fair would be to buy $20 worth of stuff and make a prop out of it. And it has to be bought dirring the challenge. No free stuff and nothing on sale. Or give a list, "2 used light bulbs, 1 2x4, 1 beach ball,1 pool noodle' 3 can's of Great Stuff, fasteners or nails or screws or glues and paint in colors of your choice. Ready, set...GO!"  Wonder what folks could do with that? It's already got me thinking. LOL

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