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1/7/2007 - Looking back at all the stuff I didn't make.

Sure, I can put time in a bottle. I can hold the thing for hours.........

Every once in a wile I go back and look through all the planned props and what I was doing at the time. I get part way into something and either run into problems or get distracted with something else. Or just get lazy. A habit I can't seem to break. Looked back at an earlier entry about 'toxic zombies'. I tried the paper mache. Didn't have the look I was going for so I dropped the idea. No toxic zombie graveyard. Still have an idea on what might work. Melt into place plastic sheeting on large areas of a torso made of cardboard ribs painted black. Then cutting holes in a paper mache skull and doing the same for the head. Snot rag around the plastic as I would a regular corpse. Paint the inside white. Light it up form the inside with green mini Christmas lights. And there you have it. Internal glowing toxic zombies. You can even see the ribs! Yep, are you guys laughing too? It's a great idea, like all the others, when ever I get around to doing it. LOL

With the pending divorce comes the possibility that I wont have the help I need to run safely on Halloween night. Not that I don't have friends but most of them either work nights or have kids and go Trick-or-Treating. I think the in-laws would still come out and give out candy. But I would be sitting with them out of curtesy and not in the haunt where I can direct traffic ( try not to bash in the heads of stupid people LOL) and keep everything running smoothly. It's just a possibility and not something I can do anything about at the moment.

And now for the pressing matters at hand. My e-mail and the web sites. Deb. filled out a form we got one day and now spam is as thick as clay. The only way around this is to get rid of all existing addresses and start over. Unfortunately the web site is connected to the address getting 99% of the spam. I've talked to folks at Earthlink. I could move the web site to a new e-mail but it would be a locked site. I wont be able to make any changes to it. Plus there is the problem of being on the Monster list, getting thousands of hits form folks who have the site bookmarked or in their favorites. Not to mention all the sites that use that address to send me info as needed. It's a mess. What I might try is setting up a new default e-mail and getting business taken care of first. Change the site over to a e-mail of it's own. Then in place of the site leave a 'site has moved to this address' page. All e-mail sent to the original address will go directly to a delete folder. I'll go from 600 to 700 messages a day down to 5 or 6. There will be peace at last. LOL Well, at least on my end.

Haven't got the Dreamweaver 4.0 program yet but still working on the layout of the new site. In the works right now is a main hub with 4 subdomains.

Halloween props

Halloween displays

Christmas crafts

Christmas displays

As of right now if I put all the stuff I have on the site it will be 500+ pages with anywhere from 3800 to 6000 pics. Mostly of prop and craft how-to's. I'll admit I have more Christmas stuff than Halloween. Been doing it a lot longer. But there will be a lot more how-to's on the Halloween site. I also still plan on keeping it honest. I've gotten plenty of cool ideas from folks on the forum and other sites and plan on mentioning them ( those I remember or can still find ) on the how-to pages for that project. It's going to be a simple strait forward site. No animation, flash. marques or pages littered with giffs and backgrounds. And deffinitely NONE of those annoying things that follow your cursor around the page. And NO pop ups.

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