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1/7/2007 - The moon is always there. Part two.

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Recognition, Faces and Reality.

We have the ability to pick out and recognize 1 face in a crowd. We also can see that same face in the contents of a toilet before it's flushed. Or in a poorly lit camera shot in an old building. Our brains are pre programmed to pick out the features that make up a face. In fact this pre programming ( instinct ) is so powerful the subject could be completely abstract and still acceptable as a face. Need an example? Bugs Bunny, Tweedy Bird and the Grinch. Even if it doesn't have two eyes a nose and a mouth. Optimus Prime and all the cars in the movie ' Cars'.

When investigating it's important to know that what you see isn't always real. Knowing and understanding how the brain works is very important.  

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