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12/24/2006 - Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house

.Not a creature was sturring, or baking or decorating or.....

Well hear it is. The day before the second most favorite holiday for me. But I'm in more of a holiday spirit. No, my mom is still worrying how she's going to pay all her hospital bills, still haven't seen hide nor hair of my brother ( he ditched everyone. I found out through a mutual friend that he's terminal) wife and I are still getting divorced. And relatives on Deb's dad's side have decided to have Christmas day the same time my as my mom's. Looks like I'll be a no show there. But there is a glimmer of light in the future. Deb found a house. She's signing the papers today. That means a little over a month and she's out of here. So if anything has lifted my spirits it's that right there. I'm looking forward to being able to afford things again. Well, at least be able to help my mom.

Been looking at Overstock.com for digital cameras. Also been checking out a few web host sites. I like the free sites I have but would like to expand and be able to put more prop ideas on line. Be nice to have a site with lots of pics and not worry about bandwidth. AND not go down half way through the month of October.LOL I'm even thinking about showing folks how to make Halloween style Christmas ornaments. Be nice to be able to put everything out there. 

Merry Christmas everyone. And for those of you who don't like Christmas try thinking like this. Santa is a deranged child stalker. The only way to protect the kiddies is to put up a large bright shiny object by a window. When he breaks into your home on Christmas eve to stick all the kids in a bag he'll notice your tree. Like a deer in headlights. The only way he can escape is emptying his bag on the floor.

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