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12/20/2006 - so much for holiday spirit.

For what it's worth, as long as it's cheap........

This will be a complaining, wining and rotten entry so if you don't want to read my ranting skip to the next one.


Words can't describe the mixed feelings I had. I'm in the living room putting up the tree wile the soon to be ex is packing up more of her stuff in another room. And she's got a lot of stuff. Didn't come with it all. She can spend on herself like no one I've ever met. I went with her one day and she dropped $200+ on yard sales. We got a 10x20 storage unit for her 6 months ago. She's filled it 2/3'ds of the way. Mostly with stuff she's bought sense. Oh well, enough said about that. She'll get her place in the woods and she can surround herself with all the stuff she wants.


It's almost fitting. This has got to be the ugliest Christmas tree I've ever put up. I modified a fake tree a few years back. Took all the branches off and made my own trunk. With less branches and being more spread out this tree ROCKS when filled with all my shaped ornaments. A real old fashioned tree look with out the real tree sap and mess. Nothing wrong with the tree itself. It's what's on it. Those small colored lights. Drooping strands of silver tinsel garland. And 248 clear plastic icicles. That's it.. Not a single glass bobble, bell or Santa. Just 248 icicles hanging there. About as pretty as a wet dog. If you go and turn your kitchen faucet on, that's about as nice looking as our tree. Cold, ugly and damp looking. And because I'm the only one that decorates it's the only thing Chrismasy in the house.


My Christmas shopping is done. All $600+ of it. The most I've been able to spend in the last 5 years or more. Be the last time I'll be buying for my wife and inlaws so I splurged a bit. I know most of ya'll are having a better time of it. And I guess I should be too. Every once in a wile a man has to be selfish and feel sorry for himself. My turn.

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