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11/12/2006 - Post Halloween. Done, didn't get done and life in space.........

Life is what happens when you plan on doing something ells.

Had a blast this Halloween. A good turnout and lots of compliments. Did something new this year. Added light and lots of it. Folks saw things I've had for years for the first time. I honestly think I could have had nothing new to show and folks wouldn't of known it. Some of the new stuff I had was made last year. The corpsed clowns, circus themed tombstones and all the ground breaker coffins. Rained last year so I wasn't able to set up the out door walk through. This year I added a section of graveyard fence, 9 black crosses, 60+ feet of rusty chain and two five light 5 1/2 ft. tall candelabras. I also put a makeshift dress on one of the stand up corpses and made me a woman. LOL  Thanks to a friend of mine with a nice digital camera I was able to put pics on the web site. I have film getting developed but it would be a wile before I could get them posted.

Best laid plans of mice and men. The things I didn't get done. I have lab equipment in my basement. Unfinished and getting dusty. The plan was to have a clown reanimation lab in the middle of the graveyard. Then make my first animated props, reanimated clowns, for the clown graveyard. I also wanted to have an evil toy display. I got as far as cutting the head off of one stuffed dog. Planned on this display leading into the dead clown graveyard.

Life in space..... It's surprising how having the bottom drop out of your personal life effects everything you do. I can't tell if I'm free falling or floating. But I'm damn sure I haven't hit the ground yet. First off my brother gets sick and disowns my mom and me. Haven't seen or heard anything form the guy. I do know he's hitting the bottle again. Hard. None of his friends are talking. I've stood outside his home knocking on the door knowing his there. Stopped doing that. Then my wife decides she wants a divorce. Been helping her pack things up for a few months now. Ya, I know that sounds weird. We've already decided  who gets what. Will get one lawyer for the both of us. Nothings getting contested. My father-in-law, who's been more of a dad to me than the drunk I grew up with, had back surgery. He's doing fine now. Still wearing a harness. He'll be in that for three more months. Then, three weeks before Halloween my mom has a stroke. The good news is she's fully recovered. I spent the good part of 4 weeks living at her condo. About a 45 minuet drive from here. Still got the Halloween display up. My mom was totally supportive of it. The one bright spot through all of this? I was contacted by someone who's putting together a book on home haunts. Told me it would be a few years in the making and wanted to know if I'd be interested in participating. Hay, at first I thought this was a joke. Even told him so.  I've seen pictures of displays done by folks on the Halloween forum that blow mine away. Turns out it's not a joke. I'm not going to get excited about it. I'm being concidered. It's not a done deal. I'll know some time next year if my haunt gets pictured. Told the guy about the Halloween forum and even turned him on to a few haunts.

Haven't been to the blog site for a wile now. Noticed that I have 2121 comments left by folks. So I went to check it out. Didn't find them. What I did find is a few spam. So just how gullible do these folks think everyone is? Trash is trash. Fortunatelly there's more good folks on line then trash.

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