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4/29/2006 - Factory Joys Part 4

How many times can you get away with this? I know I'd aready be fired if I tried it.

I know I've ranted about our maintenaces before so yall should be used to it. LOL. We have a new 2nd in command at the factory. He didn't like the really trashy way the chemical area was kept so that's where he started his changes. His first day on the job he walked back to this area and saw a maintenance man smoking in arms reach of a NO SMOKING sign. Then he noticed that not a single barrel or container there was grounded. He told our maintenance department they had to clean the entire area. Floor to ceiling and took before and after pics. He showed these pictures to everyone. There in living color was a shot of the ceiling overhead. There in the center of the shot was a florescent light fixture, half cleaned. That's right folks. Only half of the fixture was over the area. And they didn't put the bulbs back in.

Three weeks ago we had a machine go down. A three inch by one half inch metal support got sheared in half. This part had to be hand made in Italy where the machine came from. Maintenance waited till they got this part to open the machine...to find out they needed more parts. This is the same machine they ordered an empty gear box to replace the gear box that went bad. The empty one was less expensive than the one with gears in it.

On 4/14/06 ( a few Fridays ago ) my machine when down. Bearings went out one a spindle. Maintenance waited till the spindle froze up before replacing it. It's the,

"Run it till it breaks"

routine. Come to find out the motor is going bad. The machine has run now for 2 weeks with a howling motor. By the time it dies the new spindle will be dead too.

Cutting was down for a shift and a half because two maintenance crews thought a motor burned up. All it was? a loose wire.

In our meeting with the new number two he asked for suggestions. I made the comment that machine operators should decide if a machine is working right and not maintenance. His exact words?

" That was a major problem in the factory I just came from. I know it's a real problem here."

Maybe some good change is in the wind.


Didn't do any prop work or studying on electrical works this week. Did toss around the idea of doing a food pantry charity haunt. Thought about it last year but didn't persue it.

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