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4/27/2006 - I'm running out of room! Gata learn how to take this stuff apart!

Auctions are like yard sales with an MC....


I like auctions. They can be a lot of fun. I've learned some things about the process. Don't get caught up in a bidding fight. You get out bid you loose. You pay to much you still loose. And let me tell ya, it's easy to get caught up in a bidding war. And it goes FAST. You want it. The other person want's it. And the higher the price the more the auctioneer makes. Some things to learn to do,

One. Set limits and amounts on what you bid on and stick to them.

Two. Read the other bidders. How intent is or are they? The more bidders on a single item the faster the price goes up.

Three. On choice of 'lots' or 'per box' items. Check out what other people are looking at. Most folks will look at what their bidding on. If you don't think the boxes or lots you want are the same ones being bid on wait. Let them bid and pay for what they want. I've seen choice for boxes and lots go as high as $8.00. Folks would take what they want for that price wile the stuff I want is left. Then the next round of bidding goes. I've waited and got 'lots' ( an entire row or area of boxes or items) for $1.00. If what I wanted ends up selling before I bid I loose out. But that doesn't happen that often.

Four. Don't draw attention to what you plan on bidding on. You have no friends at an auction. Everyone is there to buy stuff. If your interested and talking about it, it has to be good.

Five. Don't buy things you don't need. We have 6 crock pots! My wife can't pass up a crock pot. We've never used the 3 pots we got from our wedding.( this makes 9 crock pots all together. LOL ) Deb likes percolator coffee pots too. She doesn't drink coffee. I don't drink coffee. We even have a 2 gal. percolator pot we don't use. LOL

And the most important?

Reputable auctioneers are worth their weight in gold. If they say it works it does.or they'll buy it back. That's the type of auctioneer I've been going to. He'll tell you what he's been told about the item. And make it right if he was fed a line.

This week I bought more items I intend on cannibalizing for Halloween. The biggie is an old computer for it's power supply and fan. Will have to post and ask how to take them out and what to use the power supply on. Bought more speakers too. I know, I have more speakers than what I know to do with now.  Haunt should have plenty of noises this year. LOL

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