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4/24/2006 - Got nothing done this weekend.

A body in motion stays in motion. I stayed put......


What can I say, I did nothing over the weekend. I didn't even go to an auction. Didn't go out to eat with the wife. Didn't even do lawndry. Ok that wasn't so bad but still. LOL I did however take apart what I didn't like about the one machine and put it all together to make something new. Don't know what it'll do. Maybe one of those extra things that just sit around and add to the haunt anyway.

Really hoping to get a working camera so I can take pics of the machines before I paint them up. I want everyone to see the cracker and cereal boxes these things are made out of.  I think it would be more inspirational for someone to see what they looked like before and after.

According to our computer guy I should still have the original program for the cheesy camera I have in my computer. Ya, I know, I've been yak'en about not having my box and having to use my wife's for months now. All I need is a few more $$ and I'll be able to pick it up. Looking forward to the improvements Dave's done. Looking forward to having a computer that doesn't take 20 minuets to download vids. Be nice to be able to see everyone's props in action again.


Been thinking about the dead clowns for the finally of our haunt. I want to make a FCG clown and was thinking of a way to mount the neck massager thing inside a body so the arms would fling in circles at the elbows. Have this clown hanging so the motion of the arms cause the body to turn back and forth. Would like to have a couple with motors mounted on the inside disturbing springs connecting the head and arms on to make them twitch. And at least one ground breaker that is rocking forward and back. I have one of those turning Christmas tree stands. Was thinking of a one legged balerrina clown. The stand turns real slow so the corpse clown would have to have a face on each side. A lot of animation in a little bit of space. Just got to get motivated.

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