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4/22/2006 - You know your getting caried away when....

You took how long to make it look like that?


You ever here the phrase, "stick to the plan"? Well I have too. But it doesn't mean I do it. LOL Spent hours making one side of a machine and will spend another 10 minuets taking it apart. Not that any of it will go to waste. I'll just put it on a different machine.


The machine I'm working on now will consist of a central control and mechanical unit with a round cylinder on top.  Hoses will come out of this cylinder and go to 5 small containment units (2 L. soda bottles ) containing parts of  brains. To help hide the soda bottles and get the stuff in them I'm going to cut the top part off. Reconnect this with caulking and put a 'metal' band around it. The bottoms will be covered up with a cylinder of sorts. I want to make the bits of brains out of latex gloves and great stuff. They will all have one or two eyeballs (white ping pong balls). The idea is to make these as thin and floppy as possible. Have a hand full of fish take bubblers that I want to use. The idea is to have these bits of brains undulating in the water. The hose connecting the containment unit to the machine will have 4 small Christmas lights. One yellow that will be on all the time. 3 whites will be on a line with a flasher bulb. This way the containment units will all have a steady light and all flash at the same time. There will also be light in an open panel door on the machine. Probably just a single flasher. This display will sit on a table. All the containment units will be dirty and covered in yellow slime. I would like to make  one broken unit with slime and bits of brain spilling out.  


Another prop I'd like to make is a large jar of 'following eyes' and have it on a turn table of sorts.


Been thinking about the soundscape for this years haunt. Was thinking of some thrash or heavy metal but now I'm leaning toward polka and yodeling. Why? Polka and yodeling are perfect choices for dancing and twitching corpsed clowns. It's just morbid enough to be sick and funny at the same time. LOL

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