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4/20/2006 - The joys of dumpster diving.

Gota get your head under or it aint swimmin.....


I love dumpster diving at work. They love me to do it. The more I take home the less they have to pay to get hauled off. And everyone at work knows why I take the dive. Halloween! We just got a compactor for all the cardboard. Now all I have to do is go to one spot and get all the neatly stacked boxes I want. No more of,

"well I can't use this because it's got that all over it."

They are SO accommodating! And I bet they didn't even know it. LOL

Brought home a 55 Gal. cardboard drum that has a semi reflective silver coating on the inside. Going to make a corpse washing machine or "body spinner". We have a piece of plexi glass I took out of our garage door. This is going to be a window on the front side of the 'tank'. The inside will be well lit so the TOT's can see the corpse going round and round. LOL

I also picked up a 10X12 cardboard tube that might end up being the top part of the machine I'm working on now.

Having a blast making these machines. To be honest spending days at a time making dead things, coffins and tombstones kinda got depressing. Really started to loose interest in prop building. The machines are more up beat. Even though they're going to be ripping in to, shreadding and generally violating corpses, they're a more positive thing. LOL


Made some wiring yesterday. Used newspaper and florist wire. Folded and rolled the newspaper as tight as I could around the wire then twisted it. If needed I might cover them with snot rags to smooth them out. Also using snot ragging to add 'gunk' to the machines. Thought about Great Stuff or even latex caulking but cheap is the rull here.

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