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4/13/2006 - The moon is always there. Part 1

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Basic understanding of how the mind works is very important to a paranormal researcher. It is THE most important tool in determining if your dealing with a real haunting or not.


Point number one.

The subconscious does not distinguish between reality and fantasy.


Your body reacts to your thoughts. Fantasizing, good or bad, will have direct physical reactions. You could be involved in a completely different situation with no other mental stimulus than your thoughts and your body will react to both reality and fantasy. Anger, sex, food, happiness, fear will all cause real physical reactions. The more your entertain these thoughts the more real they become to your subconscious. Then the more physical reaction you experience. The more real they become to your consciousness = your view of reality. ( maybe not that simple but it works )


Worrying would be the easiest to work with here because we've all done it. Say an incident happens and you react inappropriately to it. Your action could cause unforeseen problematic future events. These events if they accrue would not take place had your actions been different. Later on you think of the event and your reaction. Then you add on to it and think of possible future events. As you fantasize your body goes through physical and chemical changes. Just as if your fantacy was reality. Weather or not your reaction has future repercussions you still believe it will. Your subconscious believes your thoughts are real. Your body reacts to your subconscious. You become engrossed in your preception of the future.Your reality becomes based on your fantacy.


It is very important for a paranormal investigator to understand this.

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