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4/2/2006 - Started this years haunt. Still not sure what to call it.

This is how it starts anyway. Where it ends up is anybody's guess.....


Machines. A mix of old tech and new. Filthy, rusty and in poor shape. All of them connected to, running through or a part of corpses. All in the attempt to animate the dead. All of them with lights and noise. Some connected to twitching corpses. Others with moving parts. Heads suspended in the air by over sized rusty electodes where the eyes and ears once were. Torsos with machine parts where limbs once were. Surrounded by tombstones.


I have one 'machine' started. A brain stimulator. In reality its a Poptart box connected to a gram cracker box by two toilet paper rolls. The gram cracker box has a bar of soap box glued to it. This will all be glued to a soda case box that will be stengthened with better cardboard. I've added heat sinks ( cardboard stips) and will have more detailing added after the base coat of paint. OK right now it sounds like I poured some glue in a trash can and this is what I came out with. It looks allot better than it sounds. LOL  I'm using a publisher program to make graphics like V.U. meters, mercury key pads, scope screens, warning labels and the like. Using soda caps form plastic bottles for knobs. Going to use everything form a damaged garden hose to tin cans. Toilet paper rolls to the extra wiring form house hold appliances I pull the moving parts out of. Haven't tried it yet but was thinking of dyeing or paining cotton rope black, red, white, green and yellow and inserting florist wire for electrical cables and hosing. I even have plans for empty deoderant bottles. Trash man's gona love us. Our can's already lighter. LOL

Although I haven't started yet I still plan on learning basic wiring so I can add LEDs to the machines. Also hope to pick up some boom boxes cheap at auctions. With the programs I have I'll be able to mix two machine sounds for each CD. ( 1 for left 1 for right.).

Wanted to come up with something without trashing everything we have now. It'll still be a graveyard walk through haunt. The hard part will be fitting our Clown Graveyard into this. Wasn't able to put it up last year. Really bad weather. Might stick them at one end or the other of the walkthrough. Have to keep them together or they loose their effect. Plus I put too much work into them just to trash the idea.

Once we get a bit ahead finacailly I'm going to get a new digital camera. Be nice  to post pics again.


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