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2/24/2006 - Vanishing popularity? LMAO

To always seek acceptence from others shows a lack of acceptence of self........insecurity.


Ahhhh the wonderful world of friends lists. Might of been Nov. or Dec. of last year that I checked out how many blog members had me on their friends list. I was really surprised at the number of folks who had me listed. Even though I've never made on and said I wouldn't. Not an exaggeration to say close to 30. Got a PM form a member and in the cores of our talking asked for help on posting pictures in a blog. So to make sure I was telling it right I opened the 'file uploads' link and went through everything step by step. Finished with that and just for kicks I opened the 'manage friends' link. To my horror I looked at the list. I'M DOWN TO ONLY 10 FRIENDS. Oh my GOD I've lost 2/3rds of my popularity!!! What did I do to deserve this injustice? LMAO. That's exactly what I did. Laugh till my sphincter left. A Prime example and the very reason I don't like friends lists. A loaded weapon of immaturity. Popularity contest controlled by conditional friendships. Punishmets and rewards for dwelling within a click. Really folks, what just happened? If you answered "nothing" give yourself a pat on the back my friend. I still ask and answer questions on the forum. I still do my best to joke around hoping somebody enjoys it. I'm still the same person I was when I started this blog. Nothing's happened in my life to change my personality. The thing is, I don't remember who listed me. I glanced at the list and seen the number and thought, "gee, that's really nice" and that was it.


I went back and uploaded some more information on my web site. Wasn't very clear on something and wanted to change it. I'll still have to go back and rearrange some stuff to make it clearer. I'm averaging 90+ hits a day. I don't think I could handle 630 emails a week asking me for help. LOL


Still working on a technique for making an uncorpsed skelly out of paper mache. Stability in the ribs and how they connect to the spine are the main issues. I'm leaning towards the idea of the back being one solid piece. This would work for a prop only viewed from the front 3 sides.

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