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2/20/2006 - Updated cryptopropology.

Good things come to those who wait. As long as you don't die waiting......


OK, I know, it's been awhile. OK, more like a few years. Finally got around to up-loading instructions on making paper mache torsos and arms and hands. Tried the instructions first on the forum. Only one response to the torso and a few on the arms. No bad news is good news so I used the instructions I typed on the forum for the pages on our site. Earthlink has a site you can go to and see how much activity your free site is getting. We're averaging 90 hits a day. Not bad for the mid of winter. The best part of it is you can see what pages are getting the most hits. Right now it's our snot rag page. Good indoor project. Hope to increase our hits with the new update. I know it's a drag for folks wanting to see our site but I happen to enjoy going over our bandwidth. Was thinking of e-mailing the Monster List again and letting them know about the new how-to's. We have 3 listings on the Monster List now. Most of our hits come from there. Haveta see what happens.

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Suburbian adventures in a small town. Memories of Halloween past, activity and plans for this year. And future plans for our walk through haunt ( AKA the stuff I never get to.)

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