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2/12/2006 - Bit of a rant Or yadada yadada yadada......

It's all in how you preceive things. Doesn't help with your head in a bucket....


Finally got around to starting a thread on our newspaper armature for a full size corpse body. Really don't think anyone's interested in it. Got one response so far and that was a question because of how I displayed something. Not on a technique. I did one a few years back, maybe even last year, and got about the same interest. If I remember right it was a lot closer to Halloween. I guess folks are more interested in what they can do quickly. Buckys and bluckys are the way folks want to go. I guess I was expecting...., guess is the wrong word, I WAS expecting more of a response. Be like saying, I guess this is a rant. LOL. In truth egotistical self importance is a hard habit to break. Either that or I'm just disappointed that I'm not getting questions that would help me write a better how to. Not good at self psycho analisys. I've learned that denial is just as helpful as facing the truth. So it's just as well I deny that I'm  an egotistical jerk. LOL I've got the thread going in stages so I didn't have to type everything down at once. Perhaps somebody will get help form it so I'll finish what I started. Plus I'll have everything already written so I wont have to spend all that time re typing it to our how to site. My own personal silver lining.LOL

I've been to the Halloween Chat site a hand full of times and I'd have to say I'm not impressed. Larry's done a great job in picking out a dependable and user friendly site so it's not the software. The most intelligent conversation I've had was last night. Talked about medieval battle reenactment. The rest of the time it's been nothing more than a live action weekly thread. If you like that sort of thing it's the place to be.


The weekly thread. Now that's another rant for me. I'll start off by saying it's good points. And it has them. It's hard for most folks to find others with the same likes. Especially for us who like Halloween. The weekly is a space on the planet where these folks can gather. Talk and banter about anything that's happening or they like. For that it's a good thing to have. And I admit that in the past I did my share of contributions to a weekly thread. My rant? There's only a hand full of folks on the forum that take the time to ask or answer questions. If it wasn't for the weekly thread most of the folks on the forum right now wouldn't post. Like myself there are others that have been on the forum for a few years and have a few thousand posts under our belts. There are members on the forum right now with WAY more than the 3000+ posts I have. And they've not been on the forum neer as long. All on the weekly. I'm not saying these folks arnt talented or that they don't have anything to offer the forum. Most of them are and do. It's just a shame they don't. The very thing that made this forum what it is is being replaced by useless banter. That's my rant and I'm sticking to it.


Because of all the things going on right now and the condition of my right wrist I haven't done anything for the cheap prop challenge. Good possibility I wont have a camera to take pics of anything anyway. Kinda disappointed about that. So this means I'm a disappointed egotistical self centered jerk. And with a title like that you'd have to expect me to throw a childish rant. Hey, I can add childishness to my already long list of personality accomplishments. LOL

For anyone who reads these things, till next time remember. Life is 80% attitude and 20% circumstances. Life is what happens when you plan on doing something else.

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