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1/12/2006 - Halloween forum's cheap prop challenge.

Hey, now this is something I haven't done in a wile. My last blog entry is about as old as I am.


OK, I admit it. I'm not much on blogs. Seems kinda strange to type things in here instead of on the forum. At least on the forum I'm communicating directly with folks. Here it's a monologue trapped in time. But anyway.....


Been giving some thought about the cheap prop challenge. Kinda disappointed that more folks don't seem to be taking up the idea. I think it would help inspire more people if they knew you didn't have to spend a fortune to have a good haunt or display. And with so much talent on the forum I'd be looking forward to seeing what other members are making.

I'm going to use this blog space to post techniques on paper mache armatures and techniques that I don't have on our web site yet. This way if anybody is reading this and have questions I can answer them and better my descriptions when I finally update our site.

Prop ideas.

My first thought was to make a 6 to 9 ft 3 headed corpse like dog. It's chest and front legs completely out of the ground. The body would be a paper mache shell attached to a saw horse like structure. The front legs and shoulders would be two of the saw horse like thing's two side legs and center support beam. The two saw horse legs on the back side would support the chest. The center support beam would have three supports made of wood. Each one of these would act like a key hole. Each neck would have a matching slot that would fit down inside these. This would allow me to dis assemble the prop for storage. I would hide the separation between the base of the neck and the shoulders with a cardboard collor.  The exposed rotten flesh would be snot rags. The fur would be dryer lint mache. I was hoping that I could get the 50 or so lbs of lint form one of the laundry mats in town. I'm hoping to find someplace that recycles paint. I've heard in the past that you can get paint form these places REAL cheap. Paint, bread for bread clay teeth and flour and corn starch for glue are the only expenses I'd have for the prop. The cheaper I can get lots of paint the bigger I can make the prop. LOL

That was my first idea. Drawbacks? A 9 ft tall 3 headed dead animal would be as out of place in our haunt as a heart shaped box of chocolates.

Soooo, thinking on....

Second idea could go two ways. If I did something with the graveyard I could make a walk through crypt. If I did something with the dead clown graveyard I could make a wall of clown matter. Either idea would use a lot of free lumber and paper mache. But the size will depend on finding someplace that recycles paint.

If I can get the paint....


8ft high, 8 ft wide and possibly 9 ft deep. On the outside it would be wood. Possibly looking more like a shed. The haunt path would go through this. Wall and ceiling be covered with corpses. I would cheat on lighting and make the slats wide on the outer walls to let more light in. ( it's really not cheating. It's being 'innovative'. LOL )

Clown matter.

Again with the wood. 12 ft long by 5+ ft high walls on each side of the clown graveyard. I was thinking of making shallow wooden cages in them and making dead animals or things to put inside. These walls would be covered with dead clowns and clown heads. All out of paper mache.

I know the dog is out of the question. I still like the idea of having something of that size looming over the TOT's. LOL. I'll keep ya'll informed as to what will be made.

In my next entry I'll start discussing how to use news paper and duct tape to make armatures for corpse bodies.......till then


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