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Tuesday, August 15, 2006 - Too Hot!

Didn't get to work on anything this weekend it was so hot and humid I just couldn't stand to go out. Tim worked all weekend so I there was no way I was taking Jake out in the heat. I did manage to move props up to shead that I have completed. Don't want everyone seeing my surprizes for this year. Sure hope I can download my pictures later, I do have some of Johnny Appleseed, just no time to go to Mom's and download. We need a new computer at home but keep putting it off until Jacob gets bigger. He trys to reformat mom's all the time, I can just imagine what he would do to one he could sneak and get access to alot.


Planning what to do in the party area and it looks like I am going to have "Madame Crowley's Psychic Readings" for everyone while they wait on the trail to begin. Looks like hot dogs again this year, cheapest way to feed everybody. I got "Madame Crowley" tarot cards off ebay, Ms. Cleo tarot cards at that! for $6.00 total, can't beat that!!

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Friday, August 4, 2006 - Halloween Countdown

Click Here to get this from FreeFlashToys.com!
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Monday, July 31, 2006 - Working, Working, Working...

Did get a couple more props finished up this weekend a spider victim and another paper mache ghoul for the graveyard. I must start up again the costumes as time is drawing closer and closer, but I do not like sewing so the costumes has been the hardest part of this year's event. Damon and I talked this weekend and we are attempting to finalize alot of things for the trail. He said a few more good ideas. I plan on editing the trail ideas on my blog so they will be as we will be using them, to do that later when I have more time (I'm at work and kind of busy right now!) I did find out I may be able to get money this year from the Mentoring Program to help out with food, etc. for the party. I will need to invite the mentors and their children.
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Thursday, July 27, 2006 - SinisterSpace

I've signed up for a new deal called SinisterSpace, here is my website: http://www.sinisterspace.com/PeeWeePinson. We yack about the ususal, Halloween, props, and how "normal people" do not understand us "Haunters." Pretty cool place to be if you aren't "normal."
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006 - Disturbed

I have been surfing the net trying to organize my ideas and maybe find some new ones. While looking at a haunt in MI I got upset and had to get out of it. I know different strokes for differnt folks when it comes to haunting, but ****...these people had a room with babies stabbed and eaten, blood everywhere and pics of what looked like dead children that had been mutilated. I couldn't take it. To me that is not scary but disturbing as I have had to fight so hard to have my child and have fought so hard only to lose some. Ah well, I won't dwell on it.


I am rearranging, reworking the trail, trying to make it work and be scary. I am probably putting too much into it, the woods at night are scary anyway.



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Friday, July 21, 2006 - Trouble

I have paper mached another skull, very awesome looking I might add, and want to have a body with this one but having trouble creating that part. The head is heavy with the neck attached but I will just keep persavering until I figure the damn thing out. It is so HOT outside I haven't been able to do much. We are hoping to get relief soon. Maybe then I can get the ball rolling again on the prop part of my life.


I have also been kicking around ideas for the party area. I always have to decorate some there too. I finally settled on a quote with Alarming Products for 2 masks and a head prop. When I get paid on the 31st I plan on ordering them. There is also several things in ABC which I want to get and decorate with mainly these two:


I can always figure a place for something like them.


Halloween Forum has started up a place called SinisterSpace and I have joined there. As usual I am unable to figure out uploading pics and stuff. My pics are too big and I can't figure out how to downsize them to fit into anything. I'll keep trying maybe get some pointers later from Empress or Deathtouch.


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Thursday, July 13, 2006 - Scary Scary

I have recently found the book "I Am Legend"  by Richard Matheson and this is the picture on the front cover. I was hard to see on the book but this picuture is awesome! Scary stuff...


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Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - Queen of Darkness

I received the best compliment from my son-in-law this weekend. We had a big fish fry in the garage where I am working on alot of props. Someone made a comment about the skeletons, heads, etc. and Tim said, "that's just my mother-in-law, she's the Queen of Darkness." I really liked that one and appreciated it in a way most people, other than other haunters, would never understand.


Paper mached a beauty salon head last evening, we will see how it turns out for the spider victim props. I think they can be used.


Also about 8:45PM when Jacob and I had went up to get ready for bed (Tim working) I heard a knock on the door. I figured it was my brother Darius, no, I got a treat, FED EX had delivered my 3 new skulls from ACC and now I can start paper maching them and working on a prop or two for the graveyard. It's the small things in life ya know, ACC skulls, etc....

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Monday, July 10, 2006 - Vacation Over

I am now back from vacation and back at work. I am not sure one could call what I just went through a "vacation" with all the house cleaning, cooking and large number of family in and out of the house. But I wasn't at work, I could sleep in and spend time with Jacob and also able to work on props and work out more trail ideas.


I completed the neck and head for Johnny Appleseed, thanks to John at Pumpkinrot and Mark--Deathtouch, I think he turned out great. I will posts pics as soon as I have him mounted. Tim is supposed to help finish that out this weekend. I stained my Bart and he turned out good too. I didn't take the time to "corpse" him but I bet I could if I tried. In the words of Cousin Gage who helped, "they look wicked awesome!" I thought so too. I was also able to drag out alot of things stored and was able to figure out what props I already had, what I need to buy, etc. I also decided to keep my charity the March of Dimes and not change this year like I did last year.


Next thing I am going to start working on is the spider victims. I am going to try and paper mache a head I received from a local beauty salon. I think I could possibly make the heads into a prop piece for the spider victim then wrap it in the comforter lining to look like bodies in spider webbing. I am thinking about purchasing a hand that moves by battery to be in one webbing to look as if the person is still alive. Gross huh?


Still working on uniforms. I took Gage to Ft. Donelson and while there finished buying my Union and Confed hats for the scareactors. We had an excellent day for exploring and tried to get a few ideas from what was there. I believe the trail needs just some fine tuning. I am sending copies of everything to Damon for finalizing all the details (if possible.) Time is winding down and I am trying to get things bought and made as much as possible so the expense won't be so bad in October. Of course the food expense and all the etcs. are bad no matter what. Soon to start planning the party area and food. More later...Peace...



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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 - Johnny Appleseed

Spent time this weekend working on my Johnny Appleseed and I am liking this paper maching. I believe I will order me a couple of more skulls and try to create some props for the trail. I plan on putting Johnny near the cook out where everyone can see him. Funny thing happened with my Johnny skull, I kept finding it in a couple of different places while it was drying out. I finally brought it in the house and somehow it ended up on the floor. Tim said, "that SOB is haunted already!" Weird.

Tim didn't get the corn planted and I am very disappointed about that so I have had to totally restructure the trail plan. I guess it is not as much work on me, which is a good thing, but that corn maze at the end would have been awesome! I will just have to move things around and place sites a little differently. I haven't gotten my Ancient Evil mask yet but my 2 Confederate battle flags are in. I was very happy with them. I will have to post them on something this weekend. I hope my buried Confederate uniform is molding nicely. I will see in October. Got the idea off of site Skull and Bone which is a pretty good one to check out.


Work continues to suck. That's all on that matter. Need to go, Tim and I are meeting with Jacob's physical therapist. More later...

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 - Ancient Evil mask

Discovered this mask and it ties in with my theme I think, I am buying it today, it will be the last site on the tour:


Ancient Evil

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 - Invitations

Got off my duff and finished the invites for the party and trail today. I was very pleased on how they turned out. Wish I could figure out how to print a copy to put here but I'm not that computer savy. I have also been narrowing down what I need to purchase and what I can collect for each site. I got my 4th quality spine from ACC the other day and Tim said it looked like my guy must of had scoliosis. I didn't care! I am looking forward to Gage coming the week of July 4th, I plan on putting him to work helping me corpse bones, etc. I have GOT to get started on my props instead of just talking about it but it is so hard as I have to watch Jacob as Tim works 2nd job every weekend. Time is creeping up on me, I know it is June but if the rest of the time flys to October it will be here so very soon...so much to do, so little time!!!
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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 - Coming Together

After much depression and indecision on how to bring my haunt all together this weekend was a pleasant surprise. I was able to talk with Cousin Damon and with his suggestions we finished out the walk through. Jacob and I road up the trail and laid out where everything is going to go. We made a few changes to the sites, added some, etc. and I am very happy on how it turned out. I can now start creating and buying and finding what it will take to pull this thing off again this year. I can honestly say I wanted simple but scary, but as usual I have ended up adding more to make the thrill for everyone the best it can be. I have been so into it once again I was also able to create the invite and have sent it to Damon for his approval. Now to figure out the best way to go with red LEDS...going to ask my good ole buddy Deathtouch if he knows anything about LEDS...more later...finally inspired!!! Thank goodness!!!!
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Monday, May 22, 2006 - Low Side

I haven't been doing much lately in the Halloween department. Been kind of low and not able to focus on my haunt details. I have been sewing on my Confederate and Union outfits, but that is about all I am doing. I have got to get busy as time is on the downside now. We are sliding towards October, my favorite month! I did send Damon all my ideas and am waiting to see what he comes up with. I know I need to add a couple of more sites but unsure what to do. I hope he can give some inspiration. Gage will be here in July to stay a week with me and he is so excited about working on the props. Maybe he and I can pump out my Johnny Appleseed and the Drummer boy. More later...
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Friday, April 21, 2006 - Invites

Fontgeek sent me this info on how to make some invites and I want to save what he said here so I don't lose it. I love his ideas on good invitations:


I would go on a fairly heavy cardstock.  You could do
it with white or even a colored paper, the colored
paper would supply the color for the eyes and
lettering.  You may be better off with using white,
and adding the color in yourself, it gives you the
options to add or use any color in the printing or
painting process.  I would also be tempted to use an
old scraggly looking lettering style to tell the story
you sent me, I would do that on parchment  paper, you
can burn, tear, rumple the paper and edges to give it
some "age", make it look like it was part of a diary
or an old letter or something.  If you can find the
local Native American word for beware, or caution,
something along those lines, you can use it in the
letter, and then use it as a single word on the front
of the card, the reader will know what it means
because it was explained in the letter, and the one
mysterious word for the front of the card, along with
the eyes looking out from the trees will  pull anybody
in.  Then on the inside of the card, you kind of post
your challenge and then the vital party info.  You
don't want to have any of the inside text showing
through the trees, just the eyes.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006 - Got Him!

We got in Bad Seed today and he is BAD AS HELL!!! Tim and I were excited, Tim was excited enough he is thinking of planting the field at the top of the trail in corn to have a maze with him in it. My creative juices as flowing again about my trail, I may need to change things some if we do the maze at the end. Damon and I were thinking of Bad Seed in the pumpkin patch. Need to email or call Dame and see what he thinks about the corn field idea. This guy has lifted my Haunting Spirit back up. Also this website for Bell Witch 2 looks awesome too, I love reading about it since I am from TN (and not far from Bells) so I gotta go see this one:
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Thursday, April 13, 2006 - Spider Area Thoughts/Easter

I am really rethinking the Spider Area, it doesn't sound scary to me. Need to come up with some type of idea that would be scary, or scarier! I have been searching and looking at others haunts, etc. but no good ideas jump out at me for the trail. I have been able to pluck a couple from different places but so far not turning up much that would match my theme. It is really challeging this year to work around the Civil War era and put it in a spooky context. At least it will give me more to think about than whats going on at work. (Lord just lead me in the right direction there!) Funny thing happened at Easter, mom and I took Jacob to Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and he was cool looking at that life-size bunny from afar, but when we tried to get his picture made with ole Mr. Bunny he tore mom's shirt up over her head and almost off trying to get away! He said later, "Mommy I always thought that the Easter Bunny was alot smaller... he had such big teeth...he'd be good on the Halloween trail..." My son, terrorized by the Easter Bunny, there are skeletons, rats, etc. all over the garage that I am working on and he never looks twice at them, but one Easter Bunny sends him into orbit.  
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Thursday, April 13, 2006 - Creature Reacher

Sent Jeff at Frightner's Entertainment money order for BAD SEED Creature Reacher today. Wouldn't have been able to do it if Dame didn't help me by paying halfers. Judge resigned last week and I have been in a total deep dark depression since then. Can't even focus on my Haunt. I will just have to see where life leads me now, he has been apart of my life for 14 years, maybe again soon when he gets to Attorney General...Tim is consoling me best he can, this approching election is about to get the best of me especially in light of my boss of all those years leaving.
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Monday, April 3, 2006 - Got Mr. Thrifty Spider

Well, I got ole Mr. Thrifty Spider and I was a little pissed at the size, but then I remember Putrid posting on the Forum, "little small isn't it?" so I was mainly mad at myself. It looks GOOD, just not big enough for what I had in mind. I will corpse it anyway and use it somewhere. The skull on the little booger is spooky as hell. I also got in my Vampire Child mask from Fright Catalog and I was also disappointed in it. It didn't look as bloody as the pictures. I will have to make it "wet" looking.  Jacob and I went up what he calls "the Halloween trail" this weekend and I was trying to visualize some things. I am needing the leaves to fill in so I can decide what needs to go where. I am also working on the soldier uniforms, I have one completed and only have MANY more to go. I am definitely not a seamstress but I don't think it will matter in the dark. Damon and I have decided to purchase together the BAD SEED creature reacher. He thinks it will be just too cool popping out of our haunted Pumpkin Patch. I plan on getting that and maybe the Rotting Ralph mask and I will be through buying for awhile. Need to contact Jeff at Frightener's and let him know I want it (Bad Seed)...


Bad Seed

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Monday, March 27, 2006 - Spider Thrifty

Bought this little booger today and gotta get some gel stain for him. Hope he will be scary:


Spider Thrifty
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