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All Cleaned Up...

Today was a nice day out, and the word on the street was, it was going to get colder very soon, so I began to take the decorations down outside...My mom and dad helped me out a ton with taking it all down and taking loads to the warehouse...Which is always the part that is never fun to do, but I appreciated their help greatly.

I also had some help from (almost) 5 year old Alexis from across the way...She was watching me take stuff down and wanted to volunteer to help for a little while...She helped me load up some (smaller) props including spiders, skeletons, and random clown heads.  Alexis was a great help!

I will post the pictures and video very soon...Been very busy with lots of things lately, but I will get to those updates ASAP so please check back soon!

Thanks for reading, and until next time, Happy Hauntings!


Posted: 7:54 PM, 11/4/2007