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Halloween Was A Success!

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to first thank everyone who came out, and all of our visitors and loyal fans from previous years...We had visitors that have been coming for 10+ years!  WOW!  We also had some really young visitors who weren't too afraid of the yard, which was good.

I also wanted to give a big THANK YOU to the following people who were over on Halloween to help scare!

Mikael K.

Jason K.

Bill K.

Rich W.

And last but not least Selene for being there on Halloween and helping pass out candy to the kids even though she was studying.


And a big thank you to my Mom and Dad!


You guys really made Halloween work , so thank you!

Pictures and a montage video, including "Around The Graveyard" video will be up within the next week, so please keep checking back, or join our mailing list to be emailed right when we launch the media 2007 section.

Thanks for visiting and Happy November!


Posted: 10:00 AM, 11/1/2007