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HaPPY HaLloWeEn!!!

Hey Everyone,


I just wanted to post a Halloween message and say Happy Halloween and a very special thanks to everyone who stopped by just to see the display (and trick-or-treat of course!).  We always appreciate your support and can't wait to see you again next year!


Anyone that came by and took any pictures, we want to see those pictures!  Send us an email either on MySpace, or to the email address: info[at]hauntedfx.com and we will send you a Haunted FX T-shirt or sweatshirt (Your Choice!) as a thank you!


Thank you again everyone and we look forward to next year, and be sure to check our website often for more updates in the near future...Also, join our mailing list and get emails on when we update the website, and get advanced notices of what we're doing next year in 2007!!!


Happy Halloween, and Happy Hauntings,


Andrew M.


Haunted FX & Heightsville Cemetery

Posted: 8:59 PM, 10/31/2006