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I wish blogcrypt.com was a little more advanced...

Don't get me wrong, I love Blogcrypt.com and how simple it is! I just wish that there was a way to link my Blogcrypt.com blog with my twitter, or any other blogs I have...Anyhow, it's February so it's about time we start thinking about Halloween, especially with the tradeshows around the corner... This year for 2011, we will not only be working with the commercial haunt again, but we will also be enhancing the HEIGHTSVILLE CEMETERY yard display with high end special effects and more... Make sure you follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/hauntedfx and join us on facebook at www.facebook.com/hauntedfx Links to all of our social pages can be found at www.hauntedfx.tumblr.com Thanks for reading!

Posted: 6:27 AM, 2/22/2011

It's September already...

I can't believe it's already September! I've been swamped with both magic and web/graphic design work, and some of that web and graphic work is for a haunted house that 2 of my friends are operating, called THE ASYLUM XPERIMENT. I've been constructing their entire website, enabling online ticket sales, online videos and media, and more. I'm designing the posters, postcards, flyers, and tickets for the haunt as well. I'm also incorporating some of my very own Holiday FX special effects into the pre-show line queue area, and we've been testing that in our warehouse. Also expect to see some of the same effects used in the yard this year. To get up to date information on the status of the yard, be sure to follow me on TWITTER, at www.twitter.com/hauntedfx , and join the official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/hauntedfx. The HFX "status" page can also be followed at www.twitter.com/hfxstatus Following @HAUNTEDFX on twitter will also give you the chance to win a FREE admission to the Asylum Xperiment haunted house! To get info on the Asylum Xperiment, visit www.asylumxperiment.com Also follow their twitter www.twitter.com/asylumxperiment and get Xclusive discounts and deals ONLY given to twitter followers!

Posted: 3:38 PM, 9/13/2010

Got back from St. Louis

Was just in Saint Louis for the Halloween show, it was fun! and in under a month we'll be in Orlando for HauntCon!!!!

Posted: 1:40 PM, 3/31/2010

Began prepping for the display

This year's display will be toned down a tad, but will feature our lightning effects, sound effects and music, fog effects, and of course, tombstones, webbing, and other scary decorations...Since this year I've been busy with other projects, the display will be open only the last couple days of October through Halloween. For up to the minute updates on preparation for the yard, follow the HFX Status twitter page, at www.twitter.com/hfxstatus, or our main twitter, www.twitter.com/hauntedfx Thanks for reading, and Happy Hauntings.... -Andrew

Posted: 1:21 AM, 10/20/2009

Getting closer to October...

Wow, it's September 2nd, almost the 3rd!  Many things have been in thought as far as this year's events go...I've been involved with a couple friends and their projects for a commercial haunted attraction of their own, as I'm doing all the promotional work for it. 

As far as the yard goes, we'll be doing something, but it won't actually be setup until mid October, but will run through Halloween.  This gives us more time to plan, instead of having it setup since the beginning of September like we have in the past.

Thanks for all of your interest, and don't forget to follow us on the ever popularity growing social networking site, TWITTER! www.twitter.com/hauntedfx and www.twitter.com/scariestyard


Posted: 10:05 PM, 9/2/2009

First post in 09?

Wow, didn't realize I didn't post anything this year yet...Well, just about all of October I spent video taping over at Psychosis Haunted House with buddy Mike, Bogger, Alex, Scott and everyone else....I did all the promo work for them including the website, myspace, but still trying to get Mike to get a twitter!  Haha...

check out their site at www.psychosishauntedhouse.com

I didn't make it to the Halloween show in St. Louis this year with Spike Mike, because I've been having some work done in the HFX Warehouse...More on that to come soon....

thanks for reading...

Posted: 7:57 PM, 3/30/2009

Halloween Horror Nights 08

Hello Everyone, I just got back from Orlando Florida, where I met up with Spike Mike of The Haunting at 332 and (Booger) Leianne, where we went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios...It was fun. The houses were really cool...Lots of effects. I also checked out Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party with Erick and family which was really cool to see as well. Disney always does a great job, and Christmas looks incredible there. Thanks for reading and as the season approaches, more updates to come! -Andrew

Posted: 8:47 PM, 9/28/2008

Friends at 332 open Haunt in Palatine

Hey Fans- My friend, and fellow haunter, Spike Mike, is opening a haunted house with Maze Master, in Palatine, called PSYCHOSIS. I will be involved in this haunt as well as the yard this year, so make sure to check back for more updates on both the yard and the status of PSYCHOSIS. Check out their site at www.psychosishauntedhouse.com Thanks!

Posted: 11:23 PM, 8/6/2008

Halloween 08 Plans...

Hey Everyone,

Happy 2008!  This year, the Heightsville Cemetery will be going through some changes, and will be featured on select nights in both September and October.  Those of you who may want to volunteer to help, can email us at info@hauntedfx.com or myspace us to find out more information.

More info to come, stay tuned!

Posted: 9:34 PM, 2/24/2008

All Cleaned Up...

Today was a nice day out, and the word on the street was, it was going to get colder very soon, so I began to take the decorations down outside...My mom and dad helped me out a ton with taking it all down and taking loads to the warehouse...Which is always the part that is never fun to do, but I appreciated their help greatly.

I also had some help from (almost) 5 year old Alexis from across the way...She was watching me take stuff down and wanted to volunteer to help for a little while...She helped me load up some (smaller) props including spiders, skeletons, and random clown heads.  Alexis was a great help!

I will post the pictures and video very soon...Been very busy with lots of things lately, but I will get to those updates ASAP so please check back soon!

Thanks for reading, and until next time, Happy Hauntings!


Posted: 7:54 PM, 11/4/2007

Halloween Was A Success!

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to first thank everyone who came out, and all of our visitors and loyal fans from previous years...We had visitors that have been coming for 10+ years!  WOW!  We also had some really young visitors who weren't too afraid of the yard, which was good.

I also wanted to give a big THANK YOU to the following people who were over on Halloween to help scare!

Mikael K.

Jason K.

Bill K.

Rich W.

And last but not least Selene for being there on Halloween and helping pass out candy to the kids even though she was studying.


And a big thank you to my Mom and Dad!


You guys really made Halloween work , so thank you!

Pictures and a montage video, including "Around The Graveyard" video will be up within the next week, so please keep checking back, or join our mailing list to be emailed right when we launch the media 2007 section.

Thanks for visiting and Happy November!


Posted: 10:00 AM, 11/1/2007

Graveyard status- OCTOBER 20

Hey Everyone-

The graveyard is truly taking shape.  Tonight Mike and I did a TON of work, finishing the Pumpkin Patch, graveyard, and starting on Charles Lee Ray's area.  I promise I will add pictures, infact, this week I will post a couple pictures of the work so far.  Sorry for the lack of pictures but I promise I will post them.  Thanks for checking back, and keep coming back for more updates!

Some things to look forward to::






Happy Hauntings,


Posted: 3:12 AM, 10/21/2007

The Yard So Far...

Hey Everyone,

I've wanted to update for a couple days now, sorry for the delay...  The yard is taking shape slowly but surely...So far we have our atmosphere effects almost complete, including webbing, some strobes, tombstones, and the haunt netting.  We are going to be doing alot more the rest of this week and over the weekend and be done by Monday.  Pictures will be posted as soon as more goes up.

Keep checking back for updates...Or join the mailing list to get email updates.  I've made an "automatic reply email" if you send an email to live(at)hauntedfx.com You will have to replace the (at) with the @ sign to email.

Thanks for reading!

Posted: 12:33 AM, 10/17/2007

Hey Everyone-

The Heightsville Cemetery teaser site is up.  More info on this year's display and the dates will be added soon.  Hope you enjoy it.

Posted: 1:41 AM, 9/26/2007

Halloween 07!

Hey Everyone!

Halloween is approaching closer than we think, and I know I haven't updated the site or anyone with what the plans are for this year's display...I've been keeping real busy, helping on a film set, and working on my magic show, BUT, my brother in magic and my neighbor, Bill K., is offering to help, along with a few other of my dedicated helpers throughout the years, and we plan on trying our best to scare you good this Halloween!

For continuous updates, please add us as a friend on MYSPACE, located at www.myspace.com/hauntedfx , you can also add the Heightsville Cemetery itself on MySpace, at www.myspace.com/scariestyard

Thanks for reading, and see you this Halloween!

Posted: 3:51 AM, 9/11/2007

Scary things up and coming...

Happy 2007 Halloweeners!

I just found online the teaser poster for Saw 4, looks pretty cool!  Also, the new theme for Halloween Horror Nights 07 is out, and it will be all of the classic monsters, Jason, Freddy, and Leatherface...

News on our display for this year will be posted soon...September is approaching and I want everyone to have a heads up on what will be going on as soon as possible...Be our friends on MySpace, and we will update you as soon as we make it public!

Thanks for reading!



Posted: 11:53 PM, 8/1/2007

HaPPY HaLloWeEn!!!

Hey Everyone,


I just wanted to post a Halloween message and say Happy Halloween and a very special thanks to everyone who stopped by just to see the display (and trick-or-treat of course!).  We always appreciate your support and can't wait to see you again next year!


Anyone that came by and took any pictures, we want to see those pictures!  Send us an email either on MySpace, or to the email address: info[at]hauntedfx.com and we will send you a Haunted FX T-shirt or sweatshirt (Your Choice!) as a thank you!


Thank you again everyone and we look forward to next year, and be sure to check our website often for more updates in the near future...Also, join our mailing list and get emails on when we update the website, and get advanced notices of what we're doing next year in 2007!!!


Happy Halloween, and Happy Hauntings,


Andrew M.


Haunted FX & Heightsville Cemetery

Posted: 8:59 PM, 10/31/2006

Makin Progress...

OK folks,


We've been working almost every day the past week to get the display going and it's going good so far.  lately though, this wind has been terrible, so a couple tombstones got damaged which have to be fixed.  I've pretty much decided that the display will run the last weekend of Halloween.  Our goal is to have our science lab as usual, and a couple new things.  Check out the "status" picture for the latest real time image of the display.



Posted: 2:34 PM, 10/14/2006

On the road...

Hey Everyone-


In 2006, Haunted FX is changing a bit, taking our props, and decorations on the road for a couple on-site decorating events.  This past Saturday, Saint Alphonsus church had us supply our inflatable haunted house for their annual Halloween and Craft Fair.  Here are a couple pictures from Saturday's event.


Picture 1

Picture 2

Click here to view more!


More updates to come...Thanks for reading!


Posted: 2:13 PM, 10/8/2006

Getting Started!

Well folks....Today, Plaz, Jason, and I got some of the stuff out of storage to begin this year's display.  Bill K. also stopped on by and assisted us.  As usual, we work on atmosphere first, meaning fog, sound, and torches all went out first.  We also tested the fogger that will fill the front island with fog throughout the season, which looked awesome.  I'm sorry I didn't take a picture yet of what we got done so far, however, I will post that tomorrow sometime...


I got a few requests to decorate on location at a couple places, so you will probably be seeing a bit more of Haunted FX's props in or around the Prospect Heights area this month.


I wanted to give you a heads up on our progress, so keep checking back!



Posted: 10:41 PM, 10/3/2006